David M

I was first introduced to New Day IRA many years ago by a client that had setup a self-directed retirement account to hold their real estate investment. Upon learning of their vast experience in this arena and their always professional approach I soon became a client as well as many other people I know. I would highly recommend New Day IRA and their services and have been extremely pleased with their continued service and communication.

Tom K

I invested my IRA dollars in the stock market during my career in retail management.  As I approached retirement, I wanted to lower my risk of stock market volatility and invest in real estate with a self-directed IRA.  An investment mentor recommended New Day IRA as the company I needed to help me make this transition. They made the process easy. They answered all my many, many, many, many questions with explanations that gave me confidence and peace of mind. New  Day IRA customer service is outstanding. I highly recommend New Day IRA.

Steve C

With the current daily fluctuations of the stock market, I wanted to diversify my portfolio and invest in the local real estate market. New Day IRA helped me set-up a self-directed retirement account that allowed me to access my retirement funds to purchase a rental property. With the monthly rental payments and the increase in the rental property equity, my retirement account continues to increase regardless of the fluctuations of the stock market. New Day IRA did an excellent job explaining the process, making it fast and simple.

Susan B

I highly recommend New Day IRA. I used them to set up an LLC for my self-directed IRA account. I now own rental real estate in my self-directed IRA LLC and also make hard money loans to others in my account. New Day IRA always handles all of my requests expeditiously with the highest degree of expertise and integrity.

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