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Business Funding

If you have left your job (or are thinking about it) and you have a 401(k) qualified retirement plan or another type of retirement plan, you are allowed to use those retirement funds to start your own business or buy one. Why not use your retirement funds to invest in yourself instead of a volatile stock market?

With New Day IRA’s Rollover Business Startup 401(k), a new C corporation is formed which will adopt a 401(k) Qualified Plan. Your existing retirement funds can then be rolled into the newly adopted 401(k) Plan tax-free. The 401(k) Plan will then purchase the stock of the new C corporation. The new corporation will then use those funds

to purchase a new business or franchise tax-free! The company is required to be a C corporation to meet IRS requirements, and an S corporation or LLC do not qualify.

With this structure, you can work for and earn a reasonable salary from your new business or franchise. You can also use your new 401(k) Plan to make high tax-deductible contributions to defer income and grow your 401(k) even more.

To learn more about the advantages of using the Rollover Business Startup 401K structure to start or buy a business using your retirement funds, please contact a retirement expert at (615) 686-2407.

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