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You may have a self-directed retirement account at a traditional broker or bank. What you may not know is that the broker will only allow you to “self-direct” your retirement investments into assets that they allow you to purchase and pay commissions (stocks, bonds, mutual funds). We believe this is NOT self-directed retirement. We believe true self-directed retirement and true diversification occurs when an investor is given complete access to EVERY allowable retirement investment. These alternative investments include residential and commercial real estate, private business interests, precious metals, making loans to others for a return, and a virtually unlimited number of other assets.

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Solo 401k

Self-employed entrepreneurs can enjoy all of the same, tax-deferred benefits of 401(k) plans offered by major corporations. The Solo 401(k) Plan is available to self-employed individuals and their spouse if he or she is also employed by the company, as long as the business has no full-time employees (those that work more than 1,000 hours per year).  You will have the option under the Solo 401(k) to make traditional and Roth contributions, allowing you to decide whether you want to defer taxes until it’s time to withdraw funds or take those withdraws completely tax-free.

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Your ability to grow and diversify your retirement portfolio shouldn’t be limited to volatile stock market investments, as traditional custodians require.  With a self-directed IRA custodian, self-directed IRAs place complete control over investment transactions into the hands of the account owner, allowing them to truly diversify their IRAs into alternative investments of their choosing.

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Business Startup

A 401(k) that is used to invest in the company you work for should not be limited to employees of large companies like Google and Microsoft. Luckily, they aren’t. The Rollover Business Startup (ROBS) 401(k) account can be used to invest your existing IRA or 401(k) funds into an existing or new business or franchise without penalties or taxes. Under this process, you work for and earn a salary from the business, which would not be allowed under the Solo 401(k) or self-directed IRA.

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